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Rebar fabrication

CELSA Nordic, through CELSA Steel Services, has a presence in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

At CELSA Steel Service we offer our customers the most advanced optimizations and solutions for concrete reinforcement with proposals for design, product manipulation, services and digital support.

“By volume of processed tons of steel, it is the largest steel reinforcement supplier in Europe”


As part of the project, at the technical department of CELSA Steel Service, we offer the service of detailing, controlling the deliveries and assembling plans.

Optimization studies

We propose, from the department of studies at CELSA Steel Service, solutions in response to the specific needs for each project and we always look for what will benefit the customer the most. The studies are focused on improving execution times, the use of material or industrialization solutions to optimize productivity at work and the utilization of advantageous products among other possibilities.

BIM Services

We model the reinforcement of a project to optimize the processes of revision and management of the framework to reinforce the collaboration of the team and to expedite the assembly of the steel on site. The 3D model facilitates the detection of design errors, allows visualization of technical solutions and optimizes construction.

QR projects

We provide management of the reinforcement of the projects through a QR code platform, by means of which our clients visualize each one of their active projects in detail. This platform allows them to view and approve forms, to place orders and to consult the state on these things, including access to all the information on the steel supplied on site.

Colour coding

We use color codes according to the different kinds of works to facilitate management of deliveries and the location of the packages by the assembly team.

Safe handling

Improper handling of materials is, in many cases, a cause for accidents, some very extreme. And not only that, but it can lead to a loss of time and cause damage to the material. In the Group, we make available to our clients transport suitable for the specific product, quantity, restrictions in deliveries or complex accesses.

Assembling on site

We execute all kinds of projects with a qualified staff and organized structure. We maintain close contact with the construction manager, production managers and technical team to offer tailor-made constructive solutions.

Worker with rebar

Our customers, our reason to exist

At CELSA Nordic, we offer personalized service to our clients through regular contacts, personalized attention and a close relationship.

We offer very short and reliable delivery periods, as well as a wide range of quality products. We are recognized in the sector due to the agility that characterizes us in pre-sales and after-sales.

heaped wire rod

Quality, our seal of identity

Our companies are aware of the great importance that good service and quality of the products have for their customers. Therefore, we do our best to provide such guarantees. We are aware of multiple utilities of our products and have all the necessary technical and human resources to guarantee their optimum quality.

We can ensure the traceability of the steel produced, knowing at every moment how a certain product has been manufactured, ensuring the customer a fast and efficient response to any type of inquiry.