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In CELSA Nordic we want you to live the experience of being part of the CELSA Family, so that you can share exciting challenges and enjoyment as we do. We feel committed to the development of our team of people and creating opportunities and equitable conditions for people to grow and improve their professional and personal balance. Together, we build an organization that aspires to become an extraordinary place to work. Come and live CELSA Nordic!

Andreas Rigoll

Managing Director
Celsa Nordic Recycling

Ina Sofie Ruud

General Purchasing Manager
Celsa Armeringsstål

Kjersti Berntsen

Operational Manager
Celsa Steel Service Norway

Olof Possfelt

Safety & CMS Manager
Celsa Steel Service Sweden

Øystein Aslaksen

Safety Supervisor
Celsa Armeringsstål

Per Johan Högberg

Enviromental Manager
Celsa Armeringsstål