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History of Celsa Nordic™

Acquired in 2006 following a globalization process by CELSA Group, CELSA Nordic is the business unit operating in the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway). It includes CELSA Armeringsstål AS in Norway, CELSA Steel Service in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and CELSA Recycling in Sweden.

CELSA Armeringsstål AS is the reinforcing steel producer in the Nordic region, formed by a reinforcing steel factory in the northern part of the world, and the only one in the Nordic countries.

CELSA Steel Service (CSS) companies are responsible for final processing and selling of reinforcement products in their respective countries. They are in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

CELSA Recycling receives scrap from the Nordic countries, including it in the CELSA Nordic value chain.

All these years of perseverance and enthusiasm have made CELSA Nordic the leading Nordic steel company. As a result of a strong commitment to sustainable development, the company has become the second largest recycler in the Nordic countries with 770,000 tons of scrap recycled per year.

But this is not enough for CELSA Nordic as the company is developing different actions to integrate sustainability polices into the decisions-making process and further reduce the overall environmental impact. For this reason, the future of CELSA Nordic comes with a more sustainable society.

Celsa Nordic has been a pioneer in terms of environmental commitment in the European steel industry and is devoted to retaining that position in the future.

Celsa Nordic history

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