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The construction sector is today the largest consumer of steel products worldwide.

Due, among other properties, to its hardness, ductility and durability, steel has become one of the most widely used structural materials in the construction sector, both in the construction of infrastructures and in buildings. Steel-reinforced concrete and metal structures are the main structural typologies used globally.

The construction sector has occupied a prominent place in the supply of products and services offered by CELSA Nordic. Celsa has an extensive and diversified range of laminated and transformed products, services and solutions for the construction sector.

Our products and services have been used in such emblematic works as the Olympic stadium (Finland), Skanska Citygate (Sweden), Hålogaland Bridge (Norway), Cactus Towers (Denmark), Lahti Ring Road (Finland, Skanska Hyllie Terrass (Sweden), Snø Oslo (Norway), Gardermoen Airport (Norway), Lighthouse (Denmark).

The experience and extensive knowledge around the entire steel manufacturing, processing and supply chain, as well as the differential value of its marked commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, make up the outstanding position of CELSA Nordic in the construction sector. We are firmly committed to sustainable and efficient construction that provides future generations with a better future that is respectful of the environment.