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CELSA Nordic enters a memorandum of understanding with the Nobel Center project

The new Nobel Center is planned to be built in the centre of Stockholm, and the building aims for an ambitious
sustainable profile.
In this relation the Nobel Center project has opted for sustainable and climate-efficient reinforcing steel from
CELSA Nordic.

The Nobel Center in Stockholm has a planned construction start in 2027. The ambition is to execute the project in a
sustainable manner using the best available products and knowhow and has a strong interest in securing the supply
of reinforcing bar as well as other sustainable building materials.
– Science confirms again and again that the world is facing an acute climate and nature crisis, says Vidar Helgesen,
Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation.
– Several Nobel Prizes have been awarded both for highlighting this threat and for innovations to mitigate it. When
we build a new house for science, culture, and dialogue in Stockholm, we want to act in keeping with science. The
Nobel Center project is therefore seeking new solutions for material use and re-use in order to minimize climate

CELSA Nordic provides sustainable and climate-efficient reinforcing steel and consists of CELSA Armeringsstål – the
leading producer of reinforcing steel in the Nordic region with a smelter and a rolling mill located in Mo i Rana, cut
and bend companies CELSA Steel Service in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and scrap receiver CELSA
Nordic Recycling that operates in Sweden.
CELSA Nordic recycles steel scrap to produce new steel in an electric arc furnace, using the most sustainable
technology available and energy based on clean, renewable hydropower, and will also start producing reinforcing
steel based on hydrogen power in 2026.
CELSA Nordic is part of CELSA Group International, a leading producer of low-emission, circular steel and the largest
circular supply chain in Europe.

– We are very proud to be part of this significant project. We have the greatest respect for the Nobel Prize and the
work that is done around that, and we are pleased to contribute to the new Nobel Center that will be the heart for
exhibitions, meetings and events in the spirit of Alfred Nobel, perfectly wrapped in a sustainable and climate-efficient sound building, in line with the time we live in, says Susanne M. Nævermo-Sand, Head of Sustainability
and Strategy.

For more information:
Susanne M. Nævermo-Sand
Head of Sustainability and Strategy
CELSA Nordic
Mob: +47 47639884

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