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CELSA Group™, with eight million tons of ferrous scrap melted annually in its steelworks, is the largest ferrous scrap recycler in Europe. The Group, in its firm commitment to the circular economy, provides an opportunity for waste to rejoin the circular economy, thus forming an integral part of the new products that are created in the production system.

Through the recycling of steel, which by its intrinsic properties can be recycled many times without losing its essential properties, we use 74% less energy, 90% less primary materials and 40% less water.

CELSA Group™ is integrated throughout the steel recycling value chain, with companies dedicated to the recovery and treatment of ferrousscrap and other materials in Spain and Poland for subsequent recycling.

Some of the services that these companies offer are the following:

  • Demolition: We are experts in the demolition of industrial complexes, buildings, metal structures, as well as railway and port infrastructures. We take care of the demolition, transport and withdrawal of all materials resulting from this kind of service. Our technical department, depending on the characteristics of each project, develops a work plan foreseeing the mechanical and human resources required to guarantee an efficient and safe job.
  • Collection and Treatment of scrap: We have the necessary facilities and processes to treat ferrous scrap and supply to the mills the quality required for their production processes. The main sources of steel scrap come from the obsolescence of consumer goods such as automobiles, electrical appliances, steel cans, construction and old structures, without forgetting the scrap metal from industrial waste.
  • Vehicle pickups and drop-offs: We provide a vehicle collection service for final destruction and we take care of the relevant administrative procedurees.
  • Non-ferric collection and treatment: We have the necessary facilities and processes to treat the materials we receive and supply to the mills, and to recyclers with the quality required for their production processes. We have collection and storage plants, induction separation plants, metal flotation plants, glassblowing separation plants, knife mills, shears and manual picking zones.

CELSA Group™ supports change towards an efficient economy by using resources. In this way, the last investments carried out have aimed at increasing the percentages of recovery and the opening of new lines of business, like plastics or wood, thanks to the application of pioneering techniques in the recovery of materials and recycling.

Where it is made

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Our customers, our reason to exist

At CELSA Group ™, we offer personalized service to our clients through regular contacts, personalized attention and a close relationship.

We offer very short and reliable delivery periods, as well as a wide range of quality products. We are recognized in the sector due to the agility that characterizes us in pre-sales and after-sales.

At CELSA Group ™ we have professionals from more than 10 nationalities and we speak 15 languages.

Quality, our seal of identity

Our companies are aware of the great importance that good service and quality of the products have for their customers. Therefore, we do our best to provide such guarantees. We are aware of multiple utilities of our products and have all the necessary technical and human resources to guarantee their optimum quality.

We can ensure the traceability of the steel produced, knowing at every moment how a certain product has been manufactured, ensuring the customer a fast and efficient response to any type of inquiry.