In CELSA Group ™ we take care of our people

People are the driving force of our company

In CELSA Group ™ we take
care of our people

People are
the driving force
of our company

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People and Talent

Our team is fundamental for us and for the future of the Group. At CELSA Group ™ we believe in people and we thrive firmly on their talent. The human quality, the illusion to undertake new projects, the passion for what we do, the perseverance and nonconformity are values that characterize us and that we seek in others.

Our professionals are not only the impulse that keep us alive, but an essential part of our history and identity.

People and Talent
  • 9.657 direct and indirect professionals.
  • 23.556 direct, indirect and induced professionals.
  • We represent more than 20 different nationalities within the Group.
  • We speak more than 10 languages.
  • 60% of our managers are under 45 years old.
  • 95% of manager vacancies are covered internally.
  • Within an average of 3 years our MBA’s are being promoted to managers.

The CELSA Group ™ team is made up of 9.657 people, and 7.313 are our own professionals, and the other 2.344 belong to external companies that work closely with us. If we add to the direct and indirect professionals the induced ones, the resulting is about 23.556 jobs.


Direct employment

Indirect employment

Direct, indirect and induced jobs

Access Programs and People Development Integrated System (PDIS)

PDIS (People Development Integrated System)

To carry out a perfect follow-up of our team, the CELSA Group™ has implemented the PDIS (People Development Integrated System), a tool designed to manage people’s talent. This identifies the qualities of the person, manages their development and plans a professional career based on it.