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Steel made with Hydrogen

  • Mo i Rana, June 03, 2020
    Statkraft,CELSA and Mo Industripark AS have sign a letter of intent to establish a green hydrogen value chain for industrial use. The aim is to replace fossil input factors with hydrogen based on electrolysis and to produce one of Europe most climate friendly reinforcing steel and rolling wire. The initiative is presented today at the Hydrogen Conference, the same day as the Norwegian government presents its fresh hydrogen strategy.Statkraft, CELSA and Mo industripark AS will work together to establish “Hydrogen Hub Mo”, a plant for
    electrolysis-based hydrogen production in Mo Industripark. The project is about producing hydrogen for several companies and processes associated with Mo Industrial Park and utilizing by-products such as heat and oxygen.

    – For us at CELSA, this is a long-term and important initiative to achieve our long-term sustainability goals. We are committed to meeting society’s need for quality steel without compromising future generations. That’s why we focus on sustainable production technology such as hydrogen, says Carles Rovira, CEO of Celsa Nordic.

    The project will develop a complete value chain for green hydrogen. The first step will be to establish a production unit that can deliver hydrogen to CELSA. This will replace fossil energy sources that are used as input factors in production today. The end product will be one of the world’s most climate-friendly reinforcing steels, based on recycled scrap, hydropower and green hydrogen from Norway.

    The collaboration between CELSA, Statkraft and Mo Industripark also includes joint efforts to launch projects that can create demand for hydrogen for other industrial processes and as fuel. The goal is to expand hydrogen production as new uses come and the market increases.

    – Hydrogen is one of the most important measures to decarbonise the steel industry and we at Celsa want to be a pioneer in the use of hydrogen in the production of reinforcing steel in both the Nordic and European countries. We already have production technology that enables the use of hydrogen and can receive production from the plant as soon as it is up and running. The project is part of our strategy to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and eliminate emissions by 2050, concludes Rovira.

    Med vennlig hilsen,
    Carles Rovira
    CEO, CELSA Nordic

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